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Sign up for motherboard premium. And no matter what you do to it the fact is the genetic lottery gave you a merkin on what’s supposed to be a very sexy part of a woman’s body. Where can we find the anus, lady’s and gentlemen? it’s here: Living in la before i thought i was liberal until i moved to the bay area that i realized that i’m a conservative compared to those folks.


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Women with very hairy assholes. And since some people love hairy butts, hairy butt genes persist in humans because people with hairy butts are getting laid. It’s the reason fake boobs work. However qoudos to you for asking that question. If i’d been born in, say, the african savannah in pre-sunblock times, i’d have been dead from sunburn before i ever got old enough to have kids, which means my pale genes would have been dead in their tracks. I of the proud furry bush feel betrayed by my furry crack. First time, long time.


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But in the very end, that type of policing, or self-regulation, doesn’t really affect butt hair. If you go about shaving down there where you cant see, be extra careful. (photo credit: getty images).

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