Trampled and crushed beneath high heel shoes fetish

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Understand?” out the door she went, shaking her head. He’s got a lot of chores ahead of him and lots of ‘mingling’ to do before we traipse his ass back to the boss. 19 years old, in our local party scene of the most know vip party girls ! we met her at such a party. And she can`t waint to crush him. She enjoys it to trample him nonstop with many different heels and boots. Now, i’m going to join butt for a ciggy. Melissa uses has him as human sofa while she is watching tv, bound and helpless he has to serve with his face as footrest.


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By mistress carmen

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Trampled and crushed beneath high heel shoes fetish. They discuss which shoes he has to lick next and enjoy it to dominate him. Could you take it in real life?! look at these nail-like thin heels. She steps up onto his frail body, her heels sinking deep into his skin, and begins to trample and jump on him, his screams and pain keeping a constant smile on her face. Up and down they walk over his body and face. She stands inside the small wooden wagon crushing the little stuffed bear hard inside with her long black boots.


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Hot girls crushing toys

The small woman gets flattened by sarah’s sexy ass, but sarah wants to feel her bare ass crush the toy. Madame marissa begins trying on some very dangerous sharp high heels, and tests them out by trampling all over her slave, the heels digging deep into his chest, stomach and balls, and even his hands and fingers, he is nothing but part of the carpet beneath her feet, the feel of her spikes sinking deep into his skin, and the pain that it causes, does not even register to madame marissa, she is to busy deciding which shoe looks the best, as the sales person watches and smiles at the slave in pain beneath madame marissa’s high heels! When was it going to be given a break? but then some familiar words rose up in his mind and rolled around until they got his attention.

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