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) are played as absolutely standard-issue. It’s a struggle to make every movie, but koo can make the argument that he took on obstacles that most first-time filmmakers don’t. The amateur” does not. Which never manages to feel personal, and instead is reduced to coming off as just another raunchy comedy. Rainey got the part and koo teamed him with a basketball trainer to hone the moves he would show off in the movie.


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Themovie and amateur. I had the immense opportunity to work as the 2nd 2nd assistant director. He wanders about prague looking like a tourist on a leash. After earning our attention with its understated, powerful opening, the movie develops into a routine, even laughable, spy thriller — one of those page-turners where the hero is a pawn to be toyed with by the cia, the kgb, czech intelligence, and, of course, a beautiful woman. Director ryan koo got himself the golden ticket when his directorial debut “amateur” was bought by netflix in the script stage to be one of its original movies.

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In the movie it looks like terron goes from this less well-off public school to a much nicer, posh private school. But things didn’t get easier for koo going into production.

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