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Once you find the right ones for the right occasion or time of year, they are very comfortable. Never would have thought of that. That’s all i’m saying. More in the winter, but this summer i have worn them a few times when dressed up for church. Likely me because i love knee high boots with bare legs. Like drugs, i just say no to pantyhose. They do make legs look better.

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Thank goodness pantyhose. I start to mix in the sheer black and nudes there on out. I also find them unbearably hot in warm/hot months. Here in the midwest, tax day seems to be my breaking point where i have done every outfit possible with my basic black, gray, and brown opaques. What happens if you put a red light on may 15th and it happens to rain/snow (big ifs, i know) on may 16th? go bare legged to work and freeze? probably not.

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Knee high boots/riding boots, etc are year-round wear. But i think i can not stop wearing tights.