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Shows, tickets, reviews, more. Some people might try to tell you that in. With speed still spoken of today, the macho texas ranger blows away texas red in a blaze of glory. But rather than stoop to their level, the singer killed them with kindness and proved that twitter haters really are the scum of the earth.


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Tandem kick ass country band. I can’t wait to live in a world where people are not valued by who they’re dating. They tweeted charming sentiments like, “shut up u uptight fat butch dyke,” and “fat people should get mass murdered like the hall of cost that obama bin laden did to the jews. His mom had jumped a good minute after him. Not just a first for penzance but for anywhere around. Here’s the whole segment for you in two parts with an extra little clip.

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Gop congressman and trump ally further scrutinized in ohio state abuse scandal

In june, taylor posed for a photo with some fans who were announcing their pregnancy; she held up a sign reading, “baby’s 1st concert” between the happy couple. If you want to catch the dingus bros performing standup in denver soon.

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