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) high at the shoulder; seldom seen found alone. Add it to soybeans, corns, peas, grains or any other choice of feed. With so many hunters now hunting bait sites, the amount of food placed out there must be fairly large. Except, the regular season deer tag is valid for deer of either sex in westchester & suffolk counties, in areas restricted to bowhunting only (wmus 4j and 8c), and during the late seasons with the appropriate bow or muzzleloading privileges.


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Non sex deer attractant. Be sure to know the. Therefore, each type of deer decoy has both advantages and disadvantages. You must be entirely off the road and shoulder. For more information about the submitting tooth samples and the nys bear management cooperator patch.

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The deer love it! perfect for deer feeders and states that have minimum baiting laws. Thus, purchasing an electronic deer call is really no more expensive than purchasing three or four different manually operated deer calls. Both decoys and electronic calls are legal to use for deer hunting in ny.

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