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Lady in the water movie review (2006) | roger ebert

I am in disbelief right now. So yeah, bottom line, this film does mostly live up to its reputation. I see a lot of guys too. Bryce dallas howard is laughable as the title character and the mystical thematic elements surrounding her are incredibly comical (unintentionally so). This is a sure way to destroy plausibility and suspense, and it’s fatal to the apartment building pool party that should have been the movie’s pulse-pounding climactic set piece.


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In lady suck water. Still, the multicultural cast is fun, the images have a painterly beauty and there are some beguiling comic touches before the story sinks into a swamp of solemn metaphysical glop. I’m not anywhere near done yet, and neither is shyamalan. In it!” it’s a movie that insists on the importance of fairy-tale mythology and storytelling that doesn’t respect the integrity of mythology or know how to tell a story. The disembodied narration and cave-like drawings all but announce: there will be no mystery, no discovery, here — everything is going to be explained and explained and explained in the most banal, literalistic fashion. A tribute to the legendary author harlan ellison. All these convoluted “rules” — including rules about what happens when somebody breaks the rules — are as arbitrary as they are frivolous. Well ya better do something.

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Lake berryessa at full capacity with the glory hole spilling over in 2006. The film starts out silly and just gets sillier.