How do i spank my girlfriend


Girlfriend wants birthday spanking | go ask alice!

Or if she want (not just like) more pain, can you first spank her little as a nice warm up (or simply skip that prelude) and place her in a very inviting position with max round bottom, before you begin to cane her with 3 to 24 whistling hard whakks and play little with her after ever second stroke. One says to spank at a steady pace, with roughly equal intervals between the spanks. I am really turned on by positioning them carefully on a cushion, and by that time her nipples are usually fully erect. If the spanking is bare-bottom, you’ll be able to see the skin redden as you smack it and direct your hand accordingly. Physically abusing women is sickening and shameful. This is also a sexy way you can transition into other positions or give yourself a break between positions.

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How do i spank my girlfriend. Register number: 04666380 (england and wales), vat no. Thank you for the countless stories. It involves giving a woman what she needs, when she needs it, whether she wants it or not. Great step-by-step instructional spanking post! it helps so that people don’t go down the wrong path when they don’t know what they are doing.

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One recurrent message is only bad men hit women. You’re welcome here anytime! Ps- i realize you are suggesting that he say aloud the message of what she did that was wrong during the discipline but i would be behaving badly to get the spanking so i could have the fun.

I spank my wife

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