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It does get better. Whaever you do, don’t stop, keep traveling until you find resolution. In addition find a local pflag chapter(parents, families and friends of lesbians and gays) go to the website and find the group near you www. He is still at university doing his law degree and i am more worried now that he is going to be discriminated against and get hurt.


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Daughter lesbian mother straight. Although usually of greater magnitude of nastiness, it’s not that much different than the kind of self-indulgent whiny controlling negative stuff you hear from parent’s who insist that their kids must do as they say, and become lawyers instead of musicians because of the family image or suchlike. Now your son — i hope that you realize that he is amazing and he is special. I’ve been at this for several decades. We are very hot headed people. If moms who push their sons to succeed made their sons gay, all or even most of the successful men in the world would be gay and they are not. A therapist!!! i was considering going to a local meeting here in florida but can tell be my first 15 minutes in this community that it is not your mission to help. I love my son and always will.

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And the best way to do that. You say you do not know what to do.