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After this, we would recommend that you take a further two weeks off work to recover. Alternatively, a cross facial nerve graft can be used to re-power muscles that have very recently been paralysed, but still show evidence that they have the potential to work. On the healthy side of the face a cut is made to allow exploration of the nerve branches. The mean duration of facial palsy was 10. If your job involves heavy exertion, you should take a total of one month off work. The second involves bringing a muscle from elsewhere in the body and connecting it to the end of the cross facial nerve graft that lies on the paralysed side of the face.

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Cross facial nerve graft. Generate a file for use with external citation management software. With this being an operation performed under general anaesthetic, you will need to avoid any food in the six hours before surgery. It has been shown that a number of things can affect the ability of nerves to regrow and the surgeon may advise against this procedure if they feel your body may not be able to regrow nerves sufficiently. Loss of one smile branch has minimal effect on the smile on the healthy side of the face due to cross over of the nerve branches within the muscles. Download our ‘questions for my surgeon’ form here. In this instance the patient is likely to require electrophysiological testing as an outpatient to confirm muscle activity. The ncbi web site requires javascript to function.

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In general the risks of any operation relate both to the anaesthetic and to the operation itself. For this procedure to be possible, a nerve must be taken from elsewhere in the body to act as a nerve graft. Advice will be given on which medications to stop before surgery.