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Is anal sex ok between a married christian couple as foreplay?

Being right doesn’t hurt anyone. That is not really leading an examined life. Alphonsus ligouri consider anal intercourse always mortally sinful because it violates the natural law, whether or not the seed is spilled. The church was aware of the serious problem at least as far back as the 1950s and not only knew how to deal with it but were given warning and suggestions.


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Churchs view on anal. Of course, now we live in difficult times. They talk about not confusing actions that are, to many, disgusting, with actions that are, for anyone, immoral. We are all held to the same law by god. From the discussion above, we see that two great moral theologians (probably the two greatest) and doctors of the church (not to mention saints), saint alphonsus ligouri and saint thomas aquinas, view sodomitic foreplay in marriage as a serious violation of the moral law.

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Penner is a psychologist and his wife is a nurse; they work as a team specializing in various sexual issues couples may face. The sex functions and the excrementory functions in the human body work so close together, yet they are, so to speak, utterly different in direction.

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