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See your gp if you have not managed to conceive after one year of trying for a baby. They found a 52. Sperm in your own urine may show that your sperms are going backward into the bladder as opposed to going out from your penis at the time of ejaculation (retrograde ejaculation). Both statistics were seen in men from north america, europe, australia, and new zealand. Spinal cord injuries, diabetes, and certain surgeries can block the normal flow of sperm, and/or lead to retrograde (backward) ejaculation.


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Causes of low sperm count in men. If you are fond of wearing tight clothes, it may cause your testicles to get over exposed to heat. Let me know what the score is. It’s a good idea for both you and your partner to get advice, as fertility problems can affect men and women and often it’s a combination of both. Low sperm count symptoms might include: They are several options available to help boost fertility for both males and females, often with great success. As per analysis my sperm count is only4%.


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Icsi is particularly helpful for men with poor sperm production. I have soon found it to be a treasure that i could refer to repeatedly.

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