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His show “shaken not stirred” is nationally syndicated and has been nominated for a peabody award. I thought it was neat. Schrader and others dug for it, found it and re-created it for the r-rated movie, which has a couple of pixilated scenes to avoid an nc-17 rating. A look at imdb’s message board for the film shows that one of crane’s two sons is fighting the misinformation presented by director paul schrader and crane’s other son. ” alexander nods enthusiastically. And plain old audacity, has taken on schrader and sony pictures.


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Bob crane naked pics. Kinnear carefully plays crane as a blank-faced cypher who cannot see himself, and is comfortable with the surface of things. At the windmill dinner theatre in phoenix. I wouldn’t even know tommy lee’s name but for his porno video with pamela anderson. Scotty, who is 31, has feuded for years with his half-brother, bobby, who is 51 and lives in l.

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I think the cops in scottsdale didn’t investigate her enough for my dad’s murder,” bob crane jr. Several items that the police declined to identify were missing from crane’s “little black bag”, a small, multi-zippered carrier that he always carted around with him.

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