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They are dark gray in color, have a hump rather than a dorsal fin, and usually display their tail flukes when they dive. That feed in antarctic waters and swim north to breed off the coasts of colombia, panama and costa rica make one of the longest confirmed migration of any mammal. They nurse for two years, but may continue nursing intermittently for up to eight years! females give birth every three to five years. Second, they only appear in a few places on the planet but are. They usually emit very powerful sounds from their heads during hunting and foraging. To give each male the best opportunity for reproducing some species produce large amounts of sperm which is believed to help wash out the previous males sperm in an attempt to impregnate the female whale with its own sperm.


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Blue sperm whale mating pictures. Once the whales arrive at their breeding grounds and they are ready to mate the male whales begin looking for a mating partner by courting the female whales and competing with other males. Did you know that some cetaceans are toothed while others are not? sperm whales are toothed cetaceans. And even easier to identify by their blow, which is slightly tilted to the left, and their massive tail. Although some whale species are known to migrate long distances there are a number of species that inhibit the same area throughout the year or follow the migration patterns of their food rather than looking for an ideal mating environment. There are several theories.

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A female will usually mate once in 4 years or more. Sperm whales are the best whales to start whale watching, by far.

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