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Right, but she and chris just seem like polite acquaintances, kind of. I need to get it right. Theres no question in my mind that production played a role in it because they are being trashed on social media for allowing josh, led by paul, to bully so severely. Now can you please tell me what in the hell happened to your face. Yeah, paul’s wasting his time here.

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Big dick paul. I think he demolished paul, though. Oh! she doesn’t want to break up with big-dick paul, unh. I’ve worked really hard in the off-season, so to see my work come to fruition like that is a great honor. I think there’s a difference between posting pictures of people doing embarrassing things like he always does and telling them he hopes they die a horrible and painful death which is what happened now. Well, i don’t have anything for you, then. Dick’s just a bitter old man who will never acknowledge that what he said crossed the line. Just because you’re sick enough to like what dick said doesnt mean everyone else is.

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I’m amused by how mad this sub is at dick when you’ve been testing that line of untasteful dealth jokes regarding raven for like half a year now. The goods must be in perfect original condition with all the tags attached. Coming from someone who has actually played the game, confirms everything i have been thinking.